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The Venus, Jupiter and Moon : Smile face in the sky coming soon 16 may 2020

The smile face moon Venus and Jupiter is coming soon on 16 may 2020, save the date and don't mis it. It's so beautiful and attractive show in our Solar System.

In 2008, the world witnessed a rare event: The conjunction of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. A conjunction occurs when planets align in the sky; however, this event was notable and rare, not because the planets aligned, but because of the way that they aligned. Looking at these images, it is extremely easy to see a smiley face. This is known as “pareidolia.” In essence, “pareidolia” occurs when one sees meaningful images in random data.  As an interesting aside, the word “pareidolia” is derived from the Greek words ‘para,’ (meaning something faulty) and eidōlon (meaning image, form, or shape) and is a form of Apophenia

It is a rather common phenomenon, especially in relation to astronomy. Think about the man in the Moon or the face on Mars; they are neat tricks of the eye, but nothing more. Ultimately, pareidolia does not signify anything, it is just our brains interpreting data in interesting ways.just see the image it's like a real face.... 

This smiling sky appeared over Earth in 2008; it’s “a rare celestial trifecta of Venus, Jupiter, and the moon.” This amazing event was visible from all parts of the world. In fact, it was even visible in cities that are plagued by light pollution, like New York City and Hong Kong (so hopefully, you didn’t miss it). But even if you did, there are these handy pictures here to give you an idea of what it looked like. Interestingly, people around the globe saw the face a little differently. Individuals living in Asia witnessed a smiley face, while people in the United States saw a frown. The three brightest objects in the sky were so tightly gathered that one could eclipse them with a thumb. Such conjunctions occur on a regular basis, but often are not as obvious as the planets are farther away.

You can see more amazing images of men in the Moon, faces on Mars, and celestial space beasts by visiting this article (don’t worry, none of these monsters are actually real). Also, please note: The below image has been making the rounds recently (which is partly what prompted this post). The image in question is, in fact, fake. You can tell because both Jupiter and Venus looks exactly the same. Also, the conjunction was in 2008, not 2010. Although a conjunction like this did occur in 2012, Jupiter and Venus were much farther apart and much farther from the Moon. I believe the images that shows the three at their closest (and which are reliable and accurate) are those posted here.

So, what did the Moon really look like on May 16th, 2010? As it turns out, it was pretty awesome then as well. Check it out in the video below…


Is it impossible for the three to make a smiley face? No, not at all. But first, a word about words. We astronomers throw around the term "appulse" for a close meeting of objects. And if they're so close that they touch (well, overlap) then it's an "occultation". Then there's also transits and eclipses, but you'll have to Wiktionary those.
Using the Horizons data, here's the low-down on appulses of Jupiter and Venus, and Jupiter and the Moon.

Jupiter and Venus (2007-2021)

2008 Jan 31 - Feb 02: Morning sky; closest is 0.589° on Feb 01
2010 Feb 16 - 17: Too near the Sun; closest is 0.535° on Feb 17
2011 May 10 - 12: Morning sky; closest is 0.569° on May 11
2013 May 28: Evening sky, 1° apart
2014 Aug 17 - 19: Morning sky; closest is 0.2° (!) on Aug 18
2015 June 29 - July 03: Evening sky; closest is 0.334° on Jul 01
2016 August 27-28: Evening sky; closest is 0.07° (!!!) on Aug 27
2017 November 12-14: Close to the morning Sun; closest is 0.263° on Nov 13
2021 Feb 10-12: closest is 0.431° on Feb 11

Jupiter and the Moon (2007-2021)

2008-Dec-29, 12h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.658°
2009-Jan-26, 06h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.296°
2012-Jul-15, 06h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.689°
2009-Feb-23, 02h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.724°
2012-Aug-11, 22h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.275°
2012-Sep-08, 14h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.762°
2012-Nov-02, 04h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.987° [occultation] 2012-Nov-29, 02h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.794° [occultation] 2012-Dec-26, 02h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.431° [occultation]
2013-Jan-22, 06h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.655°
2013-Feb-18, 12h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.905°
2016-Aug-06, 06h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.376°
2016-Jul-09, 12h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.829°
2016-Sep-03, 00h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.362°
2019-Nov-28, 12h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.892°
2019-Dec-26, 10h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.317°
2020-Jan-23, 04h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.509°
2020-Feb-19, 22h00: Moon-Jupiter = 0.944°


That none of these dates is 2010 May 16. Turns out, that on that day, Venus was in Taurus and Jupiter in Pisces, with 89° separating them. The Moon was close to Venus, so half the story is sort-of right.

But what about a possible smiley? In order to have a chance at being a smiley, all three objects must be within a reasonable angular distance of each other.

Depending on what you mean by reasonable, the table on the right gives all the instances, between 2007 and 2021, when the Moon, Jupiter and Venus lie within a circle with diameter 5°. Not all will be "smiley" or "frowny" configurations, though - see for example the may 16 2020 event.

The event on 16 may 2020  will be another "frowny", beautifully visible  so save the date.

The smile face moon Venus and Jupiter is coming soon on 16 may 2020, save the date and don't mis it. It's so beautiful and attractive show in our Solar System.


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  1. In 16 may 2020 which country can see it

    1. All, but different parts of the world may see it differently.

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  3. at what time it will be seen
    & at what time it will disapear
    in which direction it appear

  4. Where can i go see this? It's on my 18th birthday :3

  5. Fake news. Won't happen on May 16, 2020. Although you will see the crescent moon and a nice lineup of Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.

  6. This is one year to the day that my Mom passed, on the night last year i was with a friend and we saw the most amazing show of shooting stars, glowing lights, it was incredible so I believe this May 16th 2020 will be for real

  7. This is 100% not true.

    Though it will be a waning crescent moon out, not only will the moon not be near ANY planet, Venus and Jupiter will be on complete separate ends of the sky.

    The heavens will not be smiling at us.

  8. Fake
    Venus can't see at night because venus nearer the Sun than the Earth, only see Venus in the morning. Fcking Fake !!!!!!!

  9. What time??? And ummm why is everyone saying its fake??

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